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Chiropractic care for disc degeneration?

disc degeneration

Many people incorrectly believe that chiropractic care only treats back or neck pain, and only does so by realigning spinal bones that are “out of place.” However, there is much more to the story…

When you receive and adjustment from a chiropractor, this not only improves spinal alignment, but more importantly improves both the quality and quantity of movement between the affected spinal vertebrae.  This is the often overlooked and much more important result of good chiropractic care.

It’s all about the disc…

The intervertebral discs of the spine are like soft cushions between the spinal vertebrae, and help absorb shock, keep the spine flexible, and help protect the delicate nerves exiting out of the spine. Each of the 23 discs of the spine allow for a certain degree of movement to occur, and together all 23 discs allow the spine to freely bend in all directions.

It is well known that the numerous discs of the spine do not have a blood supply, and therefore cannot get nutrients from blood as many of the other parts of the body do. The disc instead relies upon normal movement to provide a pumping mechanism so that nutrients can enter the disc, and waste products can leave.  With normal nutrition, the cells in the disc do not die prematurely and the discs do not degenerate before their time.

When you receive a specific, targeted adjustment from a chiropractor, this helps to stimulate the circulation in the compromised disc, relieving any irritation to the surrounding nerves and ensuring that proper nutrients are taken in by the disc so that degeneration is minimized and the target discs can have the best chance possible at thriving.

Chiropractic care for disc degeneration is not only safe, but essential. A chiropractor that is properly trained in identifying subtle areas of decreased movement in the spine can help.  By using a very specific method of analysis, a chiropractor trained in the Gonstead method is an expert at identifying spinal joints that are not moving properly, problem disc areas, and in restoring movement and nutrients to these structures.

If you or someone you know is experiencing disc degeneration, a chiropractor who has experience caring for patients with disc degeneration, such as a Gonstead chiropractor, should be a part of their health care team. Please call our office at (641) 673-7096 to schedule an appointment or consultation.

Dr. Mark Ford has been a Gonstead Chiropractor for over 25 years and recently attained diplomate certification in the Gonstead technique.

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