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Oskaloosa Chiropractor Focused on You

Through natural chiropractic care, your body can function better and recover on its own.

Oskaloosa Chiropractor Welcomes You!

How Do You Want to Feel?

The team at FocusPoint Chiropractic is here for you and your loved ones, ready to give you the care you need and the care you deserve.

Oskaloosa chiropractor Dr. Nicholas Ashman is passionate about helping his patients live their best lives. Dr. Ashman focuses on getting to the root cause of pain, allowing patients to achieve their best health possible.

Many times, chiropractic care can help those who’ve not been able to find relief elsewhere. “I’m always happy to help those that traditional health care has failed,” he says. “Through our form of natural chiropractic care, your body can function better and recover faster.”

A Gentle, Unique Approach to Healing at FocusPoint Chiropractic

We pride ourselves on providing thorough, honest care to help you get well and stay well.
To do so, we use the Gonstead Technique to ensure the most precise adjustment possible.
FocusPoint Chiropractic patients love the results that this very specific and gentle technique
gives them, allowing them to live a more healthy and vibrant life.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Ashman’s care often includes home exercises,
stretching and self-care, as well as nutritional guidance when needed. This type of a
whole body approach gives your body all that it needs to heal thoroughly so
you get the relief you deserve.

Are you ready live a better, healthier life? Give us a call at (641) 673-7096
and experience true healing for yourself!

Dr. Nicholas Ashman | Chiropractor
Serving Oskaloosa, Sigourney, Pella, Ottumwa and New Sharon